Scent Systems: Luxurious And Entirely Natural Perfumes


Scent Systems: Luxurious And Entirely Natural Perfumes 

Perfume has long been an extraordinary symbol linked with wealth and civilization. Throughout history, perfumers have often been linked with doctors and priests, mixing various natural fragrant oils to cure disease and stimulate pleasure.

Today, perfumes use petrochemicals to synthesise the smell of nature. Natural perfumes smell much more compelling than their synthetic equivalent. With this in mind, it is fair to say that very few people have ever smelt an entirely natural perfume, let alone an entirely natural perfume as luxurious as the ones that Scent Systems creates.

Scent Systems distinguishes itself from other perfume companies by producing luxurious, entirely natural perfumes that are created without restrictions on creativity and cost. Scent Systems fragrances are made at perfume strength, the most luxurious form of fragrance. You may compare it to single malt Scotch whiskey: they are best enjoyed straight. Perfume has a smooth velvety sensation and is much more compelling than eau de toilette. Due to its intensity, a small amount of perfume lasts a long time on your skin.

The multi-faceted nature of natural perfumes also suits a wider range of skin types and as a result, Scent Systems’ natural perfume develops beautifully on each person.

Natural fragrant oils have been used for thousands of years and only those proven safe have survived. Therefore, it is extremely rare for people to have allergic reactions to them.

Natural fragrant oils may be compared to good wine; if stored carefully your Scent Systems perfume will mature over time.

Scent Systems’ first ready-to-wear collection is available through their website and costs roughly $458 (£229.00) per bottle.


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