Stick Your Neck Out with Estée Lauder New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment


Estee Lauder New Dimension Tighten and Tone Neck Chest Treatment

The scarves are off! To make your neck look its best, baby it differently from your face. “The skin on the neck is thinner, has fewer oil glands, and doesn’t have a bone structure to support it,” says Mitchel Goldman, M.D., a dermatologist in San Diego. That means it’s liable to sag and show horizontal wrinkles (formed from lowering your head, like when you look at your phone). New neck formulas can help. Estée Lauder’s New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment ($98) uses a plant stem cell extract to transform, tighten and tone the look of the neck and chest area.


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