Barbara Barry Candles Are Wax Poetic



Picking out candles for your home is as important as picking out a new perfume for yourself. You’ve surely been in homes where your friend has decorated beautifully (and expensively), but all you can think about is that awful potpourri that is assaulting your senses. Maybe you are even guilty of this crime. Forget what you know, or think you know about candles. Consider your home fragrance dilemmas solved.

Barbara Barry, renowned designer of interiors and home products, has designed candles for each of the rooms in your home. Each candle is named for the room of the home that Barry feels it would be best in. How clever! Although, she gives you permission to place each candle where you feel it best fits.

Barry’s fragrances are clean and fresh. They are named for the rooms of the home that you generally return to in order to restore and renew yourself each day. Barry promises to take you on an evocative tour of your very own home, making it feel fresh and alive again with her Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, and Powder Room candles. Barbara says that, “Scent draws us into a room and creates a gentle background upon which our lives unfold.”

$48 each.


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