Big Wine Bottles Make Lovely Candle Holders


Big Wine Bottles Make Lovely Candle Holders

Now this is a brilliant idea! NapaStyle is selling oversized wine bottles that have been are recast into candlelight beauties for your home. What a great way to repurpose oversized wine bottles. They’ve hand cut each bottle and carefully polished the edges to create dramatic and evocative hurricanes that glow with flickering candlelight. The bottles are designed to fit over pillar candles up to 5″ in diameter. The sizes range from 14-20″ in height. The bottles range in price from $99 – $249. They can be used indoors giving your decor an elegant look. They are also good for outdoor use because the wine bottles offer the candles a little protection from the wind.



  1. $99-250?! Get a bottle and cut out the bottom; it's not that complicated. There are many different techniques, some fancier than others but they're all online.