Luxe Up Your Bathroom with the Versace Home Collection



Today home bathrooms are more like private, luxury sanctuaries. The new Versace Home Collection is the latest way to luxe up your bathroom.

Inspired by Italian elegance, the Versace Home Collection defines beautiful and decorative innovation, reconfirming the Maison’s highest standards for producing collections of true elegance. Warm tones of stunning 24K gold plating and chrome dominate the 1930s-inspired bathroom accessories. The soft intricate shapes and detailing evident in the range are heavily inspired by the stylistic neoclassic and baroque eras, which are a popular inspiration for many of the Versace family’s designs. They reflect a time of opulence; the baroque style derived from classic 17th century Italian architecture, and the neoclassic style forming in 18th century Italy.

Most of the accessories within this collection reflect the Maison’s “classic meets contemporary” style, with neutral shades and luxurious materials, all baring the iconic symbol of the Versace Maison.

As with most any luxury item, you’ll pay a premium price. The Versace brush holder pictured above is $1150; paper roll holder $850; soap holder $875; towel holder $745; roll holder $565.




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