Spooky Halloween Decor: Animated Haunted Typewriter


We have a new piece of Halloween decor that will help you set a perfectly mysterious and whimsical tone in your home. Don’t just decorate, put on a spine-tingling show to write home about with this Animated Haunted Typewriter ($149). The hit of your Halloween spectacle, your guests will still be talking about it next year. As the unsuspecting approach, the typewriter simply appears as a forgotten writer’s relic. Once the motion sensor is activated, the ghost at the keyboard repeatedly depresses the keys that spell, “H-E-L-P.” The paper carriage moves side-to-side, as typewriter sound effects play, adding to the spellbinding illusion. The final frightful touch is the desperate and disordered message, typewritten on letterhead from the Transylvania Hotel. Spooky!


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