Staub Christmas Themed Cast Iron French Cookware


The holidays are a time to be cozy and whip up your best recipes for family and friends who gather in your home. Cook and then display your delicious food in Staub’s Christmas themed cast iron French cookware ($144-$160). Distinguished by a towering pine tree (or deer) etched into its glossy enamel lid, this Staub oven is a memorable addition to holiday dinners, potlucks and special occasions. Steady-heating cast iron makes this pot ideal for slow-simmering a soup or stew, roasting a chicken with vegetables, braising short ribs, or preparing a side dish for a holiday feast. With sloping, tapered sides designed for easy stirring, and a self-basting lid to hold in moisture, Staub’s Essential French Oven is ideal for making slow-cooked roasts, stews and tagines as well as creamy risottos or a classic coq au vin. Its versatility makes it a kitchen mainstay and a symbol of French culinary heritage. Are you hungry yet? We certainly are!


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