Stop Counting Sheep With A $50,000 Luxury Bed



This bed is made for a king, or at least a Beckham.

The luxury bed maker claims that the right bed “can literally be life-changing”, improving the quality of sleep.

According to Vi-Spring, its new handmade Monarch mattress uses the finest natural materials for the “ultimate indulgence”, including lambswool, cashmere, mohair and bamboo fiber.

Mike Meehan, Vi-Spring managing director, explained: “More and more customers are realizing that only the best will do when it comes to their sleep.”

The Monarch Vi-Spring is the latest bed for the ultra rich. And really, for those that have the means, why not splurge on the thing that you will spend roughly half of your life on? This recently launched model, which is on sale exclusively at Harrods, retails for $50,000. But, for that you get a six foot double bed, crafted from the finest natural materials. Fit for a king! Or according to Vi-Spring, fit for Mr. and Mrs. David Beckham!

What Vi Spring say about the Monarch:

“Known to those who sleep in them as truly life changing beds, Vi-Spring was the very first bedmaker to introduce the pocket sprung mattress in 1901. Its beds continue to grace some of the finest hotels and homes in the world today, each one tailor made to order in Devon using the highest quality natural materials and exclusive Belgian fabrics.”


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