The Search Is On For A New James Bond


Daniel Craig 007

It seems that playing James Bond in four films is enough for Daniel Craig. He must really be tired of the 007 role because rumor is Craig turned down $100 million to star in a fifth film. Now it also seems that the James Bond franchise will need to find a new director as well as a new leading man. Director Sam Mendes, who directed Skyfall which is considered one of the best James Bond films ever, and Spectre which was received with mixed results, will not be returning to direct any more 007 movies.

“It was an incredible adventure, I loved every second of it,” Mendes said of his five years working on the James Bond franchise. “But I think it’s time for somebody else.”

So the 25th film will not only need a new lead but also a new director. This has us wondering who exactly decides who will play bond? Is it a group of movie studio heads? According to Mendes, there is only one person who choses the actor for the highly coveted role.

“It’s not a democracy…Barbara Broccoli decides who is going to be the next Bond, end of story. I can guarantee whatever happens with it, it will not be what you expect. That’s what she’s brilliant at, and that’s how it’ll survive…it’s not a public vote, and I think we’re in an age where everything is deemed voteable on. Some things just aren’t and it’s better that way.”

The public has been excited about the possibility of Idris Elba becoming the next Bond. Tom Hiddleston has quickly become the odds-on favorite since it was first reported he was in talks to become Bond. Damian Lewis has been in the discussion for the role since before “Spectre” came out. Aidan Turner is a relatively unknown actor outside of Britain, which is par for the course when it comes to Bond casting. Sean Connery was an under-the-radar pick, and Craig had only just started to gain mainstream fame with “Munich” when he became 007. James Norton is the most unknown of the Bond candidates, partly by his own design. He has gone on record saying that he’s not interested in heading off to Hollywood yet. But while Eon Productions is based in England, becoming the next Bond would surely put him on the fast track to getting offers from the big studios in L.A. His most famous role is in the British TV series “Grantchester,” where he plays a priest who takes up an odd side job as a volunteer detective with the police.

With a new leading man and a new director, Bond 25 will be an incredibly significant entry for the 007 franchise.


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