Watch Me: A Memoir by Angelica Huston


Watch Me- A Memoir by Angelica Huston

The biggest surprise in Watch Me: A Memoir ($19.88): that a woman with the commanding presence of Anjelica Huston has been so easily commanded–above all by her father, legendary director and womanizer John Huston, who left her thirsty for connection with dismissive men. He dominates volume one of Huston’s autobiography, last year’s A Story Lately Told, but the star of this new book is Jack Nicholson, her lover for almost two decades. (Post-breakup, he gives her a fabulous bracelet with a note, “These pearls from your swine.”) While devoid–alas–of bedroom details, the book does reveal Huston’s struggle to achieve self-confidence, a fight she wins inch by inch, in the business she was born to.

Watch Me by Angelica Huston


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