$1 Billion Antilia House Is World’s Largest and Most Expensive


Located in Mumbai, the most expensive house in the world is owned (fittingly) by the richest man in India: Mukesh Ambani, age 53. He lives in the $1 billion skyscraper mansion with his wife, three children and 600 servants. The building took nearly three years to complete. It seems somewhat ironic that the world’s largest and most expensice house has been constructed within a country estimated to have one-third of the world’s poorest population.

The entire structure is 27 stories (568 feet high), with a total area of over 398,000 square feet of living space (that’s more space than at the Palace of Versailles). Although to be fair, the first 6 floors are a 160-car garage.

The amenities are as extravagant as they are endless, but what would you expect from the fourth richest human on the planet? The most expensive house in the world has a private gym, ballroom, 50-seat movie theater, health spa, several swimming pools, and 3 helicopter pads. The house also features small trees in the residence in an elevated garden with high ceilings.


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