Estate of the Day: $14.9 Million Penderyn Mansion in Queenstown, Maryland


‘PENDERYN’ ($14,950,000) named after a village in Wales means ‘birds hand’ majestically sits on the Wye River on 32 acres with additional acreage available up to 67 acres. A 157 foot dock with deep water and several slips sits on the property allowing for all of your boating activities. The red brick Georgian manor house built in 1989 offers every conceivable amenity.



  1.  Penderyn is not Welsh for bird’s hand..  I know—- I named the house myself.   I am the original owner of the house.  A mansion it may be- But it is also a money pit..  A Great Big Money  Eating Monster.  It too will eat all your money and leave you wishing you never ever walked into it’s doors..   it is a house full of sadness and sorrow.  mohobo 

  2.  PENDERYN   Is not Welsh for bird’s hand!  I know I named it..  I am the original owner of the house.  A mansion it is and also a money pit.   It is old and full of sadness.  A house full of tears and terrible nightmares.
     It was built by all the wrong people and for all the wrong reasons.   The only good thing about Penderyn is it’s name–  Sadly I will always regret ever naming this hateful pile of evil bricks and mortar.
    I am ashamed I ever gave this evil house a Welsh name.  mohobo.