Louis Vuitton Lockit MM


Louis Vuitton Lockit MM

Do you have a lot of black clothing in your closet? We were discussing this commonality with a girlfriend just the other day. She cleverly quipped, “My closet looks like I’m always going to a funeral.” We laughed and while I’m not ready to divorce myself from my beloved dark-hued, elegant and slimming favorite, I think adding some bright color is in order. The easiest way to accomplish this is with an accessory such as a chic handbag. Take a look at this bright Louis. With its understated lines and style, the Louis Vuitton Lockit ($4,250) exudes feminine elegance. Full-grain Taurillon leather creates a lightweight bag that is practical enough to carry A4 documents and a laptop. We love this bag because of its bold color and sophisticated lines. Simply lovely!

Louis Vuitton Lockit MM 2

Louis Vuitton Lockit MM 3

Louis Vuitton Lockit MM 4


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