Pleated Ostrich Clutch by Sang A


Pleated Ostrich Clutch by Sang A

Where we happen to be located, it is a gloomy day.  It has been raining and storming all morning.  That could be the reason why we have decided to start off the day with bright yellow, very sunny-colored items.

This pleated ostrich clutch by Sang bursts with flare in this Victorian-style pleated clutch in deep saffron. A framed exterior keeps the shape structured while the pleating lends a soft touch.

The designer, Sang A, a former actress and singer in her native Korea who decided that she wanted to create bags, her glamorous, fashion-conscious style was infused into this globally recognized line. With no luxury spared, her exceptionally crafted designs feature exotic skins and hyper-saturated color.

Available at Vivre.


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