Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Leather Tote


The spring season is still underway, but the Pre-Fall 2021 fashion collections are starting to emerge. I have my eye on the Valentino line and it’s beautiful. Particularly, the Valentino Garavani
Roman Stud Leather Tote ($4,750) is getting a lot of my attention. Why? Because it’s the intersection of high-end fashion and practicality. What does this mean? High fashion is stunningly gorgeous, but can sometimes be so artistically LOUD that it’s almost impossible to wear within everyday life and not feel like you are dressing up in costume.

Valentino, a brand that beautifully infuses glamour and storied Italian tradition, took this conundrum into account with their Pre-Fall line. The elevator pitch from Valentino states,

“Bespoke couture touches come to approachable daywear.”

This Valentino tote is different from the rest because it is a modern take on the brand’s iconic rock stud embellishment. The slouchy silhouette highlights the everyday sensibilities of this quilted leather tote. It is available in two colors–ivory (a traditional classic) and lime (yellow is a definitely color trend for 2021).

The tote measures 21.75″W x 12.25″H x 8.75″D. It’s sizable, as most traditional totes are, but it is not comically big. This tote is daywear and is sized as such to fit all of your daily essentials.

The Valentino Garavani Roman Stud Leather Tote is currently available to order through Saks Fifth Avenue, but the website does note that inventory is limited which means you should place an order soon if you want this Valentino tote to become part of your handbag collection.


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