Gucci Le Marché Des Merveilles Plexiglas Watch


Do you want to add some bright hues to your look? Fantastically colorful and completely unique, the Plexiglas Watch by Gucci ($910) contains classic Swiss watch movement and a mother-of-pearl dial. Designer Alessandro Michele injects vibrant colors and uses unconventional materials like Plexiglas to add a strong fashion vibe to Gucci’s watch collections. Plexiglas, the trademark name of a material made from acrylic plastic, is not something you come across often in watchmaking, but with Michele on board, anything is possible. The Plexiglas case and bracelet give the watch a very 1970s mood and feel. With its rainbow Plexiglas case and bangle, complete with gold glitter and colourful crystal studs, you can almost hear Gloria Gaynor singing in the background.


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