Harry Winston’s Opus III Arrives, Finally


When it was first unveiled in 2003, Harry Winston’s third Opus project was a triumph. The bizarre brainchild of Vianney Halter with its six-porthole digital display was like no timepiece ever seen. The triumph, however, soon turned into a black eye as prototypes of the design stubbornly refused to function. Seven years later, Harry Winston is finally delivering a working edition of the watch, with only minor modifications to its original function, and at its original price of $80,000. The seven years of work is a testament not only to the doggedness of Harry Winston, but to the enduring value of the design, which in retrospect, did much to launch the exotic super watch as its own category in watchmaking. Harry Winston’s original list of clients for Opus III seems to recognize it as well. Not one, according to the company, has ever demanded a refund on his or her deposit.


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