Let Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoos Be Your New Addiction


Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoos

We’ve heard people say that they get addicted to tattoos. Here’s a new take on tattoos that looks like jewelry. From Lulu DK, the temporary jewelry tattoos ($22) are for the glamour girls. Wear them to festivals, to the beach, or wherever you might have a little skin on display. Get a pack for you and one for your bestie and create a new type of friendship bracelets. Apply the tattoos to your arms, legs or even down your back for an ultra sexy look.

Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoo Packs

Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoos - The New Friendship Bracelet

Lulu DK Jewelry Tattoos - Wear on your arms, legs or even down your back!


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