Bougie Eats: Regalis White Truffle Butter


Elevate your food with truffle butter. There’s a reason this luxurious truffle butter ($25-$50) is a favorite of the world’s great chefs—it makes just about everything taste amazing. It starts with butter churned from the milk of cattle who graze in mountain pastures, which adds natural richness and complexity. For deep, savory flavor with delicate, earthy notes of garlic, artisans blend the clarified butter with minced white truffles from Italy. The result is a fragrant golden butter that adds extraordinary flavor to meats like seared steaks, grilled burgers and roast chicken. Or drizzle it over everything from pasta, risotto and vegetables to popcorn. This unique truffle butter comes to from Ian Purkayastha of Regalis Foods, a top purveyor of rare truffles and authentic truffle condiments for Michelin-starred chefs around the globe. Order some today and get hooked!


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