Evolve Your Workout with a Balance Board


StrongBoard Balance Board 4

It’s hard to believe, but one small piece of equipment can give you a full body and core workout. Meet the StrongBoard Balance Board. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels, it is portable and electricity-free. Its platform rests upon four compression springs, allowing individuals to train using their own body weight for resistance during full motion exercises. The primary function of StrongBoard Balance is to strengthen the stabilizing muscles. Simply standing on StrongBoard Balance provides a complete core workout. When performing basic exercises, such as squats or push-ups, users experience real results faster and burn more calories than traditional core workouts targeting the same muscle groups. StrongBoard Balance is a great tool for personal trainers and physical therapists alike. Beyond it’s rehabilitative and preventative qualities, it delivers profound results to all levels of fitness enthusiasts, creating desired changes in how users look and feel, as well as improvement in balance, core strength, agility and posture. All StrongHold Fitness products are proudly made in America.

StrongBoard Balance Board 2

StrongBoard Balance Board 3

StrongBoard Balance Board


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