‘Fantasy’ by Christine Kradolfer


‘Fantasy’ by Christine Kradolfer 

We love the darkness about this abstract painting.  The geometric shapes give it a sharp, crisp feeling and the deep and vibrant hues make this painting dreamlike. 

Christine Kradolfer depicts a fantastic vision by playing with abstracted geometric shapes. Superimposing them, she creates a sensation of depth and joins them with questing tentacles. Her vivid primary palette lends power to an unforgettable image. Titled “Fantasia” in Spanish.

Artist Info: Christine Kradolfer was born in Leesburg, Virginia in 1950, and lived there until the age of 13. Her Swiss father and Hungarian mother then moved to Peru, where Kradolfer continued her studies in a private Swiss school. “I remember that I liked to draw and paint from the time I was a child,” she reminisces. “Peru marked the rest of my life. I married my husband Eduardo, and we had a daughter. His job took us all over the world, and this inspired me to paint and draw in my free time.” Kradolfer considers herself a self-taught artist. “Caribbean beaches, landscapes, forests and animals all influenced me in my artistic development. The richness obtained through combining colors especially bright ones led me to attempt abstract works,” she says. “There are no happenings or specific themes that influence my work. It’s just the pleasure of capturing colors on the canvas until I feel satisfied and the painting itself says ‘I’m ready.'”

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