Luxury Cinemas to attract “upscale and affluent” customers



Remember when cinemas were the gathering places of just about everyone in the community? At the movie theaters across the nation, you could find a sampling of young, old, families, singles, teens, etc. The rich (who decide to venture out of their own home theaters) will soon be gathering at luxury cinemas that offer special amenities and elevated ticket prices.

It seems like the price of movie tickets is getting ever more expensive, but would you be willing to pay even more if it meant luxury amenities like plush reserved seating with waiter service and upscale food and drink options? Sign me up!

Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas is opening a luxury movie theater later this year in Chicago that will offer just those amenities, along with others like seating limited to 40 people and special parking privileges, for ticket prices of just $35 each. The admission for two would then run $70 before you even bought your food and drinks — or tipped the waiter.

That’s pretty steep for a movie, but they’re not expecting that to deter the luxury crowd — plans are already in the works for 20+ more Gold Class Cinemas around the country by 2010.

The Burbank-based company’s hoping to attract 10 million “upscale and affluent” consumers per year to its theaters that will be housed in high-end shopping centers and malls. Each complex will typically house eight screens.”It’s a new way to go to the movies,” said Graham Burke, managing director and CEO of Village Roadshow Ltd. “It’s like what Mercedes is to a Toyota or like flying first class in an airplane.” Company execs said bringing the chain to the U.S. is a “natural extension” of the brand.


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