Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Election Collection


Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Election Collection 

Moonstruck Chocolate Co., established in 1993, was founded on the premise that chocolate is not simply a candy, but an experience to be enjoyed by all the senses. Moonstruck Chocolate Co. is a hand crafted artisan chocolate company based in Portland, Oregon. Today, the company’s delicately crafted truffles and other fine confections are inspired works that have enjoyed in such prestigious locations as the White House.

With election coverage dominating the news, the Moonstruck Chocolate Co. has created some adorable and delicious election-themed treats.

Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Election Collection

A patriotically decorated box of four truffles, two in the shape of donkeys, and two in the shape of elephants. The Donkey Truffle features Moonstruck Chocolatier’s Mayan Ganache (milk chocolate, cinnamon and crushed almonds), while the Elephant Truffle features a dark chocolate Extra-Bittersweet Ganache.


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