New Bialetti Mukka Glass Cappuccino Maker



It is rare to find a home in Italy without one of these. Available exclusively at Williams Sonoma, the Bialetti Mukka Glass Cappuccino Maker always you to brew perfect expressos, cappuccinos, or lattes right on the stovetop. Bialetti has updated their classic pot, not allowing you to see the powerful steam work its magic with coffee and milk.

In 1933, Alfonso Bialetti revolutionized home coffee brewing in Italy with this iconic stovetop espresso maker, now a fixture in nearly every Italian home and ubiquitous in kitchens throughout the world. The Bialetti company continues its tradition of innovation with this stovetop pot that transforms making a cappuccino or latte into a delightful experience. Made in Italy exclusively for Williams-Sonoma, the pot features a clear-glass pitcher that allows you to watch as rich, dark espresso and frothy steamed milk are layered to create the quintessential cappuccino or latte. Simply add water to the lower chamber and ground espresso to the filter, then add milk to the pitcher. As the water heats up, powerful steam pressure brews the espresso and combines it with steamed, frothed milk.


10-oz. cap.
8″ high.
A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.


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