Pamper Yourself at the Splash Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami


Splash Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami 

If you are ever in Miami and are looking to relax, then be sure to book a spa visit at the Splash Spa located on the fourth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel. The 50,000-square-foot facility features a total of 10 treatment rooms, including a dry redwood sauna, a Turkish steam room and a wet treatment area with a Vichy shower. An extensive menu of spa services is offered, including signature treatments, massages, facials, body treatments and waxing. Partners, mothers and daughters, or friends can enjoy treatments side by side in our specially designed couple’s suite.

Now, doesn’t that sound soothing?

Here is a list of the spa’s signature treatments.

De-stress massage and body cocoon
While you sip a relaxing herbal tea, your feet are soothed with a welcoming foot massage. Following a gentle exfoliation, a rhythmical, deeply relaxing warm oil massage helps to remove stagnant energy and activate and stimulate the prana, your body’s vital energy. Then, while your body is enveloped in a de-stressing cocoon, your mind is transported with a soothing head-and-neck massage.
110 minutes – $299.00

Mind body experience
Savour a refreshing tea while you enjoy a unique Tibetan foot massage using herbal oils and lotions. A full-body traditional Tibetan marma (pressure point) massage sequence follows. Each chakra (energy centre) is anointed, and then the body is gently massaged with essential oils to bring the mind and body back to equilibrium. Sound and coloured gemstones are also used. The treatment helps to induce sleep and improves the quality of rest.
110 minutes – $299.00

Mother-to-be body treatment
Specially designed for brand new mothers and women in their second or third trimester of pregnancy, this treatment offers the ultimate in indulgent pampering and addresses how you look and feel during different stages of your pregnancy. While treating muscular aches and fluid retention, as well as stress and fatigue, it also works to maintain skin tone and elasticity, helping to enliven the senses, boost energy levels and prevent stretch marks. First, your skin is exfoliated. Then rich, nourishing creams and oils are massaged from head to toe. Tension is eased with a soothing scalp massage as the body is gently enveloped, leaving the skin soft and supple. Mother or mother-to-be is left feeling blissful.
110 minutes – $319.00

Couple’s massage
Experience your treatments side by side, as an individual therapist attends to each person’s unique needs. Ideal for partners, mothers and daughters, friends or anyone wanting to experience luxurious treatments together.
50 minutes – $343.00
110 minutes – $691.00
170 minutes – $911.00

Body detoxification
To help purify the body, enjoy a detoxifying herbal tea to begin, and be welcomed with a foot treatment focusing on reflex points. A deep-cleansing, full-body exfoliation and stimulating massage follow. Marine algae is then applied to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and improve energy levels. Finally, a forehead and scalp massage soothes and calms the mind.
Welcome foot treatment
Walnut body scrub
Detoxifying body wrap
Stimulating massage
110 minutes – $299.00


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