Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine


Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

It’s a new year, is it time for a new you? The Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine ($1,699.99) could be the reason you achieve the most common of New Year’s resolutions. This elliptical can deliver one seriously challenging cardio workout. The console includes a built-in cooling fan, water bottle holder, and speakers that allow you to plug in an MP3 player and listen to your favorite playlist while you work out. The machine also includes an advanced sensory system. There are stationary handle bars with built-in pulse sensors for monitoring your heart rate and a heart rate chest strap provide great ongoing pulse monitoring, and heart rate interactive programs. Another great thing about the Sole Fitness E95 is that it is so comfortable to use. Not everyone walks the same, which is why Sole designed pedals that articulate to fit your stride. This feature also reduces the “numb toe effect” and sore Achilles tendons. This elliptical machine does everything but the actual workout for you. Just pop in those earbuds and lose yourself in your favorite music while you get in shape. Your heart will thank you.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine 2

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine 3


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