Talisman Fire Contemporary Wall Sculpture


Bolo Design presents Talisman Fire ($400), an original wall decor that will set you apart as a person of discriminating taste. A talisman is an object with magical powers; watch the magic unfold as this beautiful wall sculpture graces your wall. Available in elemental Fire and Ice color schemes, the sculptures are created from high-quality, durable Ultra Board – the material of choice for long lasting applications. Digital printing onto premium pressure-sensitive vinyl, pressure mounting and digital CNC routing ensures you a solid product with beautiful printing, brilliant colors and clean, sharp edges, designed to last virtually forever in an indoor environment. Attached to the back are brackets that make it easy to mount – just remove the sculpture from its packaging and push it into the drywall – installs in seconds, with no damage to the wall when removed. Talisman will function as sophisticated wall art in any contemporary space.


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