Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa: A New Luxury Resort in Bermuda



Escape to a paradise at Bermuda’s newest luxury resort, Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa. The water is a crystal-like shade of aqua. The sand is a shade of pink. The feeling of Tucker’s Point is one of refinement with its English touches and charm. Tucker’s Point is Bermuda at its dazzling best.


A recipe of contrasting flavors and experiences, Tucker’s Point is the essence of Bermuda. There are rolling hills, as well as, rugged cliffs. There are crashing waves, but also gentle surf. There is a vibrant community of people, but you also get the serenity of open space. You can be around other like-minded families, but experience the sercurity of your private haven.


Tucker’s Point Spa takes advantage of the unique abundance of tropical plants, flowers and ocean minerals. Some of the very luxurious treatments include the Beekeeper No. 5 Honey and Cane Sugar Scrub, Citrus Refresher Facial, Bermuda Lily Post Sun Skin Rescue, a Hydrating Pearl Therapy with Facial, and much more.



If you like to golf, Tucker’s Point has its own seaside course. You also have the option of going next door to the Mid Ocean Club, a world-renowned golf course.


From now until August 31, rooms start at $590 per night. The rates drops a bit from September 1 – October 31, with rooms beginning $460 per night.


For more information, visit TuckersPoint.com.