Ferragamo World Tour Penny Loafer


Ferragamo World’s Tour Penny Loafer ($295) is always an ideal traveling companion. And when you wear this loafer you won’t just look good—you’ll be doing good, too. Ferragamo World supports a variety of socially responsible initiatives, helping to improve the world one foot at a time. Fashion that is socially conscious, too!



  1. penny loafer have been unique since their inception in that they have moved between both form and casual fashion and men’s and women’s fashion. Acceptable for both genders and viable with everything from a suit to jeans and even shorts, penny loafers have long made a smooth transition from work to play.

  2. That one is really ultimate and definitely increase your personality. It has the good finishing and well designed and also looks so nice in that white color. I like it and may be its good in traveling time.
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