$240,000 Blackberry Curve



Yes, all of the zero’s in the above title are correct. Alexander Amosu, the great gadget bejeweler, decided he was going to make the “the world’s most expensive Blackberry.” With a pricetag of $240,000, we’re guessing that the mission was accomplished, even if we can’t officially confirm it. Drenched in 18k gold, the BlackBerry Curve 8900 features 28.43 carats of diamonds (that’s over 4,450 individual stones) and it only took 350 hours to construct.

Amosu plans to sell only three, one of which has already been purchased by a mysterious “client in the Middle East.”

Included in the price is device personalization with your name or company logo, as well as 24 hour global concierge service focused on “accessing the inaccessible,” whatever that means.

If you’ve got a spare 240 Gs lying around, power to you. This new Amosu Curve 8900 could have your name all over it. For the rest of us, at least it’s fun to gawk at.


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