Give Your Eyes A Rest with The Book Club’s “Harlot’s Bed” Blue Light Filter Glasses


Whether you are reading a book on your Kindle or checking email on your phone, there is no denying that most of us are looking at a blue light emitting device morning, noon and night. This is causing strain on your eyes. We have an of-the-moment product that will help: The Book Club’s women’s Harlot’s Bed cat eye blue screen filter glasses ($30). They’re made from recycled materials, they have that retro charm everyone loves right now, and they’re ready to ogle Instagram all day long with you. The Book Club glasses are an internet-lover’s necessity, helping protect your peepers from eye strain while you still get to know every single thing your friends (and foes) are posting online. Honestly? You should be wearing some right now. (And so should we.)

This Australian company is “inspired by the worst to create the best.” Creatively naming all its products in homage to some of the best stories of all time, the brand was built on a love of literature—and works to combat all the things that make reading a, literal, headache. These oversized frame readers protect your eyes from blue light damage (if you’re someone who works in front of a computer, these are for you). Bonus: All of the Book Club’s frames are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled themselves—not that you’d ever want to part with them.


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