Nokia E90: The Unlikely King Of Bling



The Nokia E90 phone has been set with 408 diamonds and an 18 carat white gold shell by Peter Aloisson and retails for around $80,000.

Although it is not uncommon to see a tech device bedazzled to hell and back, it is surprising that this particular model has so much bling on it. The E90 is pretty much exclusively the domain of the business set and I’m having a hard time imagining Joe Stock Broker walking around making business deals with one of these.

The E90 is a top device, after all there’s no doubting is plentiful abilities. All the usual E90 accoutrements are on offer including all the business apps you’ll need alongside personal navigation, plenty of connectivity and that full QWERTY keyboard, which gets its own special dose of “diamond-encrusting”.

The diamonds are top notch 9.86 cts numbers and the quality is VVSI-IF (LC), which we understand is in the upper-quality level of posh stones.


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