Review: Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones


Do you have Apple’s iPhone 7 yet? We purchased the 7+ last month and it is very similar to our previous 6+, but with a few upgrades. For starters, the camera is amazing. If you like to take pictures (and really, who doesn’t?) then this is the phone for you. Another noticeable difference is the headphone situation. The headphone jack is gone and the phone comes with wireless earbuds. Honestly, I didn’t even try them. Previous earbuds often fell right out of my ears while working out. I decided I would opt for something different and purchase over-the-ear headphones.

I purchased Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in the color violet. Why violet? I happen to love the color purple. However, the headphones are available in an array of colors including: black, white, gold, rose gold, silver and red. I have been using earbuds for years despite my frustration with them chronically falling out of my ears because I was worried that headphones would feel uncomfortable on my ears and heavy on my head. The minute I put Beats Solo3 On-Ear Headphones on, I was delighted by how comfortable and light they felt. The ear cups are buttery soft and the headphones are easy adjustable.

The next concern on my list was battery life. This is a wireless product so battery life is important. Beats Solo3 Wireless has up to 40 hours of battery life providing more than ample sustainability. When your battery eventually runs low a quick 5-minute charge provides 3 hours of playback to quickly get you back on track.

Pairing the headphones with my phone literally took seconds and couldn’t have been easier. The instructions are so simplistic even the most technologically challenged individual should be able to pair the headphones with total ease and zero frustration.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is how the headphones actually sound. The sound is crystal clear and you really do feel the music. According to Apple:

At the heart of Beats Solo3 Wireless is award-winning Beats sound. This headphone delivers premium playback with fine-tuned acoustics that maximize clarity, breadth and balance. The comfort-cushion ear cups buffer outside noise for immersive sound so you can experience music the way it was meant to be heard.

In addition to listening to music, you can also take calls, control your music and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls. The built-in mic and on-ear controls put taking calls, controlling audio, and activating Siri at your fingertips. The headphones come with a carrying case and can be folded allowing for ease of portability.

Bottom line: I’m very happy with my purchase of the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones. They are easy to use, comfortable, have a long battery life and provide crystal clear sound.

Purchase Here: $299.95


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