Vintage Luxury Outdoor Kitchen


Vintage Luxury Grill

With annual Labor Day weekend festivities approaching we thought it appropriate to feature a luxury grill. Actually, this is much more than a grill, it is more like an outdoor kitchen!

Vintage products have grown through generations of experience to become the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertainment line. From their remarkably powerful grills and side burners to complete beverage service and refrigeration, the Vintage brand speaks of the finest craftsmanship and truly intelligent design. Sear in the flavor of a perfect steak while steaming artichokes, chilling the shrimp cocktail and warming the rosemary bruschetta. The Vintage Outdoor Kitchen offers chefs of all abilities the power to create extraordinary meals in an open-air environment. As any true connoisseur knows, all of the right elements must combine to create something exceptional. Vintage is that synthesis of style, versatility and performance, created to stand the test of time.

Available through Vintage Luxury Appliances.


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