Double Cross Luxury Vodka


Double Cross Vodka 

Double Cross is the only Slovakian vodka to be released in the United States, and is produced in the 13th century village of Stara Lubovna in the heart of Eastern Europe. Expertly crafted by Master Distiller Dr. Jan Krak, Double Cross utilizes a diamond dust filtration system that provides unprecedented filtration capability because of the unique shape and sub-micron size of the diamond dust particles. The result is an exceptionally pure spirit — with hints of white pepper and lemon zest — that has already received industry accolades for its taste, including a four-star rating from spirits expert Paul Pacult and the Gold Medal for taste at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

In addition to receiving acclaim for outstanding taste, Double Cross has also been recognized for its stunning bottle design, which was purposefully engineered to reflect the elegance of its contents and the nobility of its Slovakian heritage. The unique rectangular packaging, which stands at 12 inches, has no seams and features a number of artistic elements including verses of old-world Slovakian poetry silk screened on the back, a metal closure and an individually-numbered tamper seal. The brand’s striking Double Cross logo, derived from the Slovakian flag and coat of arms, serves as the bottle’s design centerpiece, embedded in the glass with pure metal. Awarded the Gold Medal for Packaging/Design at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Double Cross is the only vodka to ever win the Gold Medal for both taste and design.

“The spirits consumer is seeking an elevated drinking experience, and Double Cross is the vodka that will redefine the industry’s perception of luxury vodka,” states Double Cross CEO Malcolm M. Lloyd, M.D., of the brand’s launch. “Matching unparalleled taste with an innovative bottle design, Double Cross offers the sophisticated spirits consumer a complete and sublime drinking experience. We are thrilled at the early buzz for the brand among industry experts and spirits enthusiasts, as well as the mixologists and chefs with whom we have shared the product.”

Seven-times-distilled and filtered in the foothills of the stunning Tatra Mountain range, Double Cross uses only 100 percent organic, estate-grown winter wheat and mountain spring water drawn from aquifers located 200-feet below ground level. The spirit’s pristine quality is best enjoyed in a simple cocktail or classic martini, and enhances the flavors with which it is paired, be it in a drink or in complement to cuisine. Double Cross can also be enjoyed neat in a snifter, allowing the aroma of white pepper and lemon zest to reveal itself fully.

Double Cross Luxury Vodka can be found in multiple restaurant, lounge, club, bar and retail locations throughout the greater New York and New Jersey markets. Manhattan venues include Davidburke & Donatella, Buddha Bar, The Palm West and Tao. New Jersey venues include Fromagerie, Highlawn Pavilion, Lahiere’s, River Palm Terrace, Ruth Chris and Trump National.

Double Cross retails for $49.99 for a 750ml bottle and contains 40 percent alcohol by volume. Visit for more information, images, and Double Cross signature cocktail recipes.


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