Entertain With This Stylish Beer Station



Remember kegerators from your college days?  They were the ugly, but very necessary, modified refrigerators that you used to keep beer cold.

Now that you are possibly older, and hopefully wiser, think about investing in this stylish Beer Station from Opulent Items. The entire design of the Beer Station oozes class all over with it’s mix of straight edges and curvy lines and is bound to be a conversation piece wherever it goes. Yes, the Beer Station is very portable courtesy the tiny wheels on which it rests and even has brakes to keep it planted in one place, making it perfect for outdoor or indoor parties. That is some smart thinking on Opulent Items’ part.

The Beer station is finished in stainless steel and looks like a very chic kitchen cabinet and has two side barrels which can be used as cooking tops, ice containers or even waste bins. You beer always stays chill, anywhere, as the Beer Station will charge it’s refrigeration system through a power outlet and then can be rolled over outdoors.



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