How rum is supposed to be: 10 Cane Rum


10 Cane Rum

Moët Hennessy, the world’s premier luxury spirits producer has introduced 10 Cane, a luxury rum from the brainchild of Hennessy master distiller Jean Pineau. Unlike other rums, 10 Cane is produced from the first pressing of virgin Trinidadian sugar cane. While many spirits have rules and regulations in their crafting, 10 Cane sets a new standard for rum.

Pineau reveals that he was inspired to create 10 Cane after a visit to the Caribbean, “I sucked on a cut cane in a field and decided that taste of raw sugar juice was what I ultimately wanted to bring to the spirit.”

As a luxury spirit, 10 Cane is like no rum the world has known before. From before it is even produced to the time it is bottled, 10 Cane is a special product. 10 Cane uses sugar cane that has been grown specifically to be used in the premium spirit.

After it is cut, only the first pressing of the cane is then used for the rum. The pure Trinidadian cane juice is then carefully fermented during a slow and meticulous process to create the world’s smoothest, best tasting rum. After pressing, 10 Cane is then distilled in small batches, using pot stills imported from France just for that purpose. For just the right amount of time, the spirit is carefully aged in French oak barrels to give 10 Cane a smoothness and distinct taste, as most rums are aged for longer and less attention is paid to the inception.

10 Cane can be enjoyed on its own, with cola, or in a cocktail mixed with the freshest ingredients……any way you like it.


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