Mejor Blanco Luxury Tequila


Mejor Blanco Luxury Tequila 

The Mejor Tequila Company produces a luxury line of upscale tequilas that are uniquely crafted to deliver unsurpassed quality and sophistication.  Although Mejor is a brand new luxury brand, the founders of the Mejor Tequila Company have a mature understanding and a long association with tequila. Mejor uses the blue agave from their own family estate which has been a part of their heritage since the mid 1900’s.  Growing blue agave is truly an investment in quality.  It takes between 7 and 9 years before agave plants are considered ripe enough for harvest.

Mejor Blanco Luxury Tequila

Mejor’s Blanco tequila is as pure and fresh as it gets. Mejor’s Blanco tequila, with its naturally smooth taste is perfect for sipping, shots, or mixing with traditional fruit blends. Traditional margaritas with Mejor Blanco will taste clean, fresh and crisp.

Mejor says their tequila is crafted to lift the typical unpleasant bite, uncovering a tequila of wonderfully smooth rich taste and complex character.

Mejor Tequila can be found in your favorite upscale restaurants, hotels, resorts, spirits retailers, bars, clubs, and lounges in California.

Here is a fun fact.  The spanish word “mejor” means “better” in english.  Literally translated, Mejor Tequila means Better Tequila.  And, of course, blanco means white.  But we’re sure you already knew that one.


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