New Flavors From Three Olives Vodka: Tomato, Root Beer, and Triple Shot Espresso


Three New Flavors From Three Olives–Tomato, Root Beer, and Triple Shot Espresso

Three Olives is my favorite flavored vodka.  The flavored vodkas from Three Olives are always sooo good.  Today, I heard that they have three new flavors in their vodka line-up. Three Olives is dedicated to providing the biggest and boldest flavor possible – and with that, they’ve introduced Tomato, Root Beer, and Triple Shot Espresso. On the Three Olives website they suggest that the tomato vodka to be utilized in a Bloody Mary Martini; the Root Beer can be used in a British Car Bomb; and the Triple Shot Espresso can be used to concoct something they call a Money Shot. Of course, these vodkas are also good on the rocks, in a shot, or as a part of a great martini.

Bottoms up!


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